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Bibi’s Jewellery

Bibi’s Jewellery

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Shop Jewellery & Fashion | A curated collection of Statement Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Women’s Kimonos & Dresses.  From Boho Chic to Colourful Gemstone jewellery in seasonal shades and tactile finishes. Discover perfect pieces in a range of shapes and materials that mix druzy, agate, resin and tassel fringe. Add a touch of sparkly glamour to every occasion with our costume pieces.  Spoil yourself or buy as a GIFT with our GIFT CARD (click here).

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING |  Free package and postage in UK for orders over £35

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  • Heities Kimono
  • Lala Kimono
  • Uma Tanzanite Earrings Out of stock
  • Nephele Garnet Earrings
  • Juno Earrings
  • Cybele Earrings Out of stock
  • Ariadne Citrine Earrings
  • Chloe Citrine Earrings Out of stock
  • Aeron Herkimer Earrings
  • Aditi Ruby Earrings
  • Thalia Ruby Ring
  • Iris Ring Out of stock
  • Devi Ring
  • Freya Ring  Out of stock
  • Niamh Ring Out of stock
  • Aine Citrine Ring Out of stock
  • Xaia Ring