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Last Chance

Last chance items are items that we’ve discounted because they are end of range or literally the last of the item. Go on and take a look!

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  • Red and Purple Rhinestone earrings Sale!
  • Cowrie Shell Necklace Sale!
  • Statement Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • BLUE SLICED AGATE PENDANT Sale! Out of stock
  • Glitzy beads necklace Sale!
  • Turquoise Green Gold Earrings Sale!
  • Coral and green earrings Sale!
  • Dove Grey Kimono with Pink Flowers and Peacock Print Sale! Out of stock
  • Long Kimono with Flowers Sale!
  • Tassel & Pom Pom Boho Necklace Sale!
  • Multicoloured Crystal Drop Earrings. Sale!
  • Turquoise and Diamante Earrings Sale!
  • Green Jade Quartz & Chalcedony 24k Gold Plated Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • Blue Solar Quartz and Green Natual Druzy Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • Pink Green Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • Green Tassel Fringe Earrings with Hammered Brass Sale!
  • Gold Bracelet Set with Pearl and Lock Sale!
  • Wooden Necklace with Peacock Blue Tassel Sale!