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  • Alexi Earrings
  • Luna Rough Ruby Ring
  • Maia Natural Druzy Penant
  • Gris Natural Druzy Pendant
  • SKye Natural Druzy Pendant
  • Midnight Natural Druzy Pendant
  • Jasmin Natural Druzy Pendant
  • Purple Druzy RIng Out of stock
  • Arielle Geode Ring
  • Purple Natural Druzy Ring Out of stock
  • Green Jade Quartz & Chalcedony 24k Gold Plated Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • Poppy Natural Druzy Earrings Sale!
  • Blue Solar Quartz and Green Natual Druzy Earrings Sale! Out of stock
  • Pink & Blue Solar Quartz and Natural Druzy Earrings with 24k Gold Plated Detail Out of stock
  • Pink Natural Druzy & Green Peridot Gold Plated Drop Earrings Out of stock
  • Blue and Green Natural Druzy Earrings Sale!
  • Sale! Out of stock
  • Green Purple Natural Druzy Earrings with 24k Electroplated Gold Out of stock
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